Introducing the “TTTT” (The Tremendous Travelers Training Truss)

The TTT is the ultimate Suitcase Gym, the first and only rigid frame collapsible gym. Traveling athletes don’t leave home without it!

T-Truss Ready for Use

T-Truss ready for use

T-Truss Packed Up for Travel

T-Truss packed up for travel

Attention All Athletes and Fitness People

You are probably aware that the vast majority of people don’t go to the gym because they simply don’t have time (or won’t make the time)? Some people invest in a home gym to save time. But if you spend much time away from home (on trips), or commuting, your home gym is worthless because it won't fit in your suitcase and you know that there is no product available to you anywhere that would enable you to get a complete workout and fit in a suitcase. Isn’t it high time that the manufacturers come up with a “collapsible” home gym compact enough to fit in a suitcase for traveling athletes ? So I invented the T-Truss. Now you’ll never have to skip your workouts because of the inconvenience of getting to the gym. Workout in your motel room or office with the new “patented” T-truss.

You can use the T-truss to perform all 10 of the most basic body exercises

  • pull-ups
  • rowing
  • chest press
  • military press
  • dip press
  • arm curl
  • leg press
  • leg extension
  • leg curl
  • leg extension
  • leg pull down

You can adjust the resistance level in 10 pound increments from 10 lbs to 60 lbs per arm or leg. Click here to see the Travelers Training Truss video.

Ordering a T-Truss System

These systems are custom designed, hand-crafted systems which must be pre-ordered in advance. To order a system do not send money. Simply fill out the online form. You will be notified when system(s) are available for you. Be one of the first to own one. Kindest regards from W.J.Mikulski (inventor).