About the Inventor

As a Field Engineer in Telecommunications, I have spent an entire lifetime traveling abroad. At the start, I carried along a 50 lb dumbbell on my trips. Then, I began to experiment with portable platforms and chest expanders. It was clear to me that if I wanted to get a good workout while on the road, I would have to develop some kind of portable equipment (since such equipment was not to be found in any store). Without some kind of rigid frame to anchor my resistance tubes, I could never achieve the flexibility needed for an adequate workout. I started using a door mount anchor system but encountered too many problems. I was limited to only one location,  the backside of the door since using the front side could cause damage to the door or injury to myself (if I overloaded the door latch). This blocked the door to anyone wanting to enter. I found the door mount system too impractical for the serious workout. There had to be a better way. What if a rigid frame coupled with variable resistance cables could be compacted down small enough to fit in a suitcase and be easily assembled (in minutes) ready for a  workout? SO, I invented the "T-truss."

The "Truss" is slotted and numbered along its entire length of 70 inches, so that one or two elastic resistance elements can be attached at any position on the truss. This makes it possible for a user to perform any basic exercises at the most suitable positions. See the section on the "different models" to determine the truss model best suited for you.

Regards...Walter Joe Mikulski (inventor).