For Women Resistance Tube Accessories

Resistance Tube portable Frame.

Ladies, do you train with resistance tubes ? Why not invest in a “RTPF“, (Resistance Tube Portable Frame) and do a complete workout with your resistance tubes, using the “full range” of exercises, instead of only a few limited exercises?

Throw away your dangerous door blocking, door damaging, location restricted, door mount anchors and start training with the first and only patented portable, rigid frame travel gym. RTPF allows you to anchor your resistance tubes to any desired location along the stand alone slotted truss. No more need to step over your resistance tubes and use your feet or body as an anchor to support the tubes. The PTPF allows you to simulate , pull ups, chest press, dip press, military press, rowing exercise, and arm curls while using a full range of resistances.

Models start at $55. (frame only without resistance tubes) , or $99. With a pair of octopus type variable resistance tube sets. Collapsible suitcase size travel models are available. Explore this website, click on the menu items to view the full range of Universal Travel Gym  products.