Other Travel Gym Products

The UTG (Universal Travel Gym)

UTG configurations

UTG packed for travel (in left hand)

UTG Video

The B4P (Basic Four Platform)

B4P Readied For Use

B4P Redied for Travel

How Cables Work on the B4P

Rowing with the B4P

The PERP (Portable Elastics Power Rack)

PERP readied for travleL

Exercising with the PERP

Travel Gym has striven to dedicate itself to promoting a new, unique, flexible travel gym for the traveling athlete. In today's world, no bodybuilder could deny that there is a need for a good "Travel Gym." So then, why can't a user get an adequate workout on an existing travel gym? The main problem is that without some type of rigid frame, one cannot perform all of the basic muscle group exercises. Secondly, without a rigid frame, one is very limited in the amount of resistance that can be applied in an exercise. Third, no portable gym seems to solve the problem of incrementally varying the resistance applied. The only type of portable system available to a bodybuilder today is the "door mounted system," (a system with insufficient resistance and limited to only certain major exercises). Moreover, if one were in a motel room, it would certainly tend to block the doorway and possibly even cause damage to it (if overloaded). What if a rigid frame coupled with a variable resistance could be shrunken down small enougn to fit in a suitcase and be easily assembled (in minutes) ready for a workout? The inventor of the "T-truss" has spent a lifetime traveling for the US Government to places where no health spas were available. Not being able to buy any type of portable exercise assembly that could adequately solve the problem, he invented the "T-Truss." This rigid frame system fits in a box 3" X 3" X 30", weighs about 12 lbs and can be packed into a suitcase. It can be assembled for use in about 5 minutes. Its elastic resistance elements can be varied from 10 lbs to 70 lbs of pull in 10 lb increments. Its frame or "Truss" is slotted and numbered along its entire length so that one or two elastic resistance elements can be attached at any position. This makes it possible for a user to perform any basic exercises at the best suited position.