Fitness for the Elderly and Seniors on the Go

Seniors, do you wish you still had the same trim physique or figure as when you were 20? As a technical adviser, constantly traveling, I knew that I would need a compact suitcase gym to keep me in shape. So, I invented the TTTT (Tremendous Traveling Training Truss. Now many years latter (at age 75), I am enjoying the benefits of my invention. You too can enjoy these benefits and take 20 years off your life with a TTTT.

ou can use the T-truss to perform all 10 of the most basic body exercises (pull-ups, rowing, chest press, military press, dip press, arm curl, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, and leg pull down). You can adjust the resistance level in 10-pound increments per arm or leg. These systems are custom designs, hand crafted systems which must be pre-ordered in advance. To order a system, do not send money. Just fill out the order form, provide contact information, and specify how many systems you are interested in purchasing. You will be notified when the system is available for you. Be one of the first to own one.

Kindest regards from W.J. Mikulski (inventor)